Dallas Midtown Park Foundation

Board of Directors

Ken Malcolmson
North Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Lois Finkelman
Past District 11 City Council Member

Scott Beck
Beck Ventures

City of Dallas

Lee M. Kleinman
District 11 City Council Member

Amy W. Monier
District 11 Parks and Recreation Board

Jaynie Schultz
District 11 City Planning Commission

Louise Elam
Interim Assistant Director
Park and Recreation Department

Kevin Spath
Office of Economic Development

Willis C. Winters, FAIA, FAAPRA
City of Dallas Parks Department

Advisory Board

James Bry

Dianne Curry

John Gilbert

Rachel Kramer

Robert Kent

Karen Owen

Caroline Perel

David Perel


The Dallas Midtown vision was initiated in 2010 by Dallas City Councilmember Linda Koop. Her vision has since been adopted by the current leadership of the City of Dallas and the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. This public-private partnership encompasses 450 acres that includes the Valley View Center, Galleria Mall and its surrounding areas. Within the district vision is a bold statement to open space by creating the largest Dallas programmed park, the Dallas Midtown Park.

Today, Councilmember Koop’s vision of a vibrant city center that offers a place for people to live work and play is becoming a reality. In 2013, the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce received financial support from the City of Dallas to oversee the vision phase of the project. Architectural firm OMNIPLAN was selected to create the vision plan and utilize their expertise in urban planning to consider the possibilities of a redesigned and revitalized Midtown area.

Now spearheaded by Councilman Lee Kleinman, this revitalization is made possible through the collaborative efforts of public and private entities including business and property owners, community members, the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce and the City of Dallas. We encourage the community to speak up and get involved to help shape the future of this area into a popular urban destination, full of open green space.